Prevention/Tips COVID-19

By Nazirah Wadley

As the Coronavirus continues to spread through contact. What must we do to prevent contracting the virus? The virus is contracted through person-to-person spread. Meaning, if you are near someone who does have it unknowingly, and is coughing and sneezing within the atmosphere, little droplets of the virus can land on your nose, mouth, hand or even inside your mouth, you can contract it. You can also contract it by inhaling droplets of the virus into your lungs.

You can contract the virus through touching contaminated surfaces or objects.

Since there is no vaccine yet for COVID-19, the best way to avoid being exposed to this virus is being clean and careful.

Prevention tips for the COVID-19:

Washing your hands with soap and hot water for 30 seconds after being in the public, blowing your nose and coughing is highly important. DO NOT TOUCH YOUR FACE AND FOOD AFTER BEING IN PUBLIC SPACES AND TOUCHING CONTAMINATED SURFACES AND OBJECTS.

If soap and water is unavailable, hand sanitizer can kill off bacteria, germs and viruses. Its important to carry hand sanitizer, wet wipes, or lysol when traveling. Or just simply clean your hands in a restroom. Just a side note, after washing your hands in public restroom, take a paper towel and use that to open public doors, if you don’t want to touch any doorknobs.

UIC’s Recipe for Hand Sanitizer:

1/3 of Isopropyl Alcohol

1/3 of Aloe Vera

Avoid close contact with people are sick. Distance yourself from people with the COVID-19. Stay indoors if you are sick. Wear a face mask to prevent spreading the illness within the air. ALWAYS CLEAN AND DISINFECT YOUR AREA!

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